Today it is hard to find a software development team that doesn’t use an Agile approach to the work. And if they Agile, they most likely use a Kanban board to create tasks and track processes. There are two ways of implementing such an approach to the development. The first one is to get a huge sheet of paper and stick it on the wall or to get a whiteboard. Then space is divided into columns – each team gets their own column. All tasks are written on sticky notes and placed into the needed column – assigned to a certain team. Sometimes even colors of notes can have some meaning. Say, pink notes are urgent, green ones can wait. The second option is to do pretty much the same but in a virtual space like Trello.

But no matter how good this approach is and how well is it executed, it still can be improved. How? By adopting a board portal software.

Why would Agile teams need a board
of directors portal?

board portal

Software development agencies usually have thin lines between directors and employees. Often the only things that let an employee become a director are a better experience and an ability to lead the team. So juniors and middles can also take part in meetings and help to decide how to execute the project better. And it’s not bad. Moreover, it is good since they can come up with some good ideas.

But it also brings some complications to the decision-making. The more people take part in the process, the harder it is to hold the meeting properly. That’s why the company needs a board management software. It will help to build a steady communication and make sure all ideas are recorded.

The perfect visibility

Many teams nowadays have at least several remote members in them. And not only employees can be spread around different locations but directors as well. So physical boards with stickers on them won’t work for them. That’s why it is crucial to have a virtual workspace where all processes and tasks will be visible for everyone. Using the board software members of the leading team can create tasks in the real-time mode in the electronic boardroom and assign them to executives during the meeting. Thus, not just everyone will see the plan, but also no ideas will be forgotten.

electronic boardroom

This solution is extremely flexible

The board app can be integrated with most popular working tools. It helps to synchronize everything and make sure everyone takes the most out of technologies they use. Also, the virtual board portal itself is easy to customize. Users can make it perfectly convenient for themselves by setting it up properly.

It is very important since there is no team that adopted Agile and keeps working following a strict set of rules. Therefore, the software directors use in their work should give an opportunity to tweak it a bit here and there. The board portal provides its users with such a possibility. It offers a continuous improvement of the workspace and, as a result, processes that are held there.

Track the progress and see statistics

It is crucial for software development teams to have meeting management tools that allow them to see what is going on in the company. Virtual boardrooms provide their customers with detailed statistics of the progress of teams. Studying them directors can get some valuable insights and understand how to improve the performance of the company.

Also, having detailed reports in their hands during the meeting, leaders can make better data-driven decisions that will boost future results. It is important to track the progress constantly. It helps to find flaws in processes as quickly as possible and eliminate them.

Other benefits of virtual boardrooms

Developers are quite often compared to creative people. They usually deep dive into the work and forget that they create this product for someone – for users and, of course, for the customer. Thus, their relationships with clients are oftentimes not maintained well. The virtual board portal allows creating additional workspaces where directors will interact with customers, share documents and current versions with them.

The electronic boardroom as well as electronic data room is a safe environment for data exchange. Providers protect their servers with the strongest encryption and make sure they keep malefactors away. So the team can share confidential files with each other and customers and show clients the progress on the project no worrying someone will lay their hands on this data.

The virtual board portal provides users with two kinds of chats – the private one and public one. The public chat can be accessed by all authorized members of the leading team. There they can discuss all matters. And to work on certain parts of the project not bothering others users can create a small private chat and hold the conversation there.

There also is a small yet useful instrument – a voting tool. With its help members of the team can hold quick votes and make decisions as a group without gathering an online or offline meeting. It is extremely convenient is something should be solved as soon as possible.

Needlessly to say how convenient virtual boardrooms are for leading teams with remote participants. Using a video or voice conference software they can hold a virtual meeting. And the remote director will have an access to needed data and documents thanks to the electronic board portal.

As you can see, even though virtual boardrooms are seen as something that serious directors in big corporations need, even the not that big software development studio can benefit a lot from such a solution. Also, this application will help you create a better image of your team in front of customers.