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Citrix sharefile virtual data room is focused on optimizing internal processes to improve the performance of the company. This provider offers a streamlined and safe workspace where employees can interact and manage sensitive corporate information without the risk of data leaks. Such an introspective approach, however, doesn’t mean that Citrix is suitable only for the internal teamwork and document maintenance. Customers of this provider are using its software for external relationships and deals as well.

A quick overview of Citrix

This provider began its journey in 1989 aiming to simplify everyday processes for employees and improve document management. By doing so, Citrix hopes to help workers do their best and boost the efficiency of the company in general. Over 400,000 companies — and over a hundred million users — trust Citrix their corporate files and workflows. 

Among the clients of this provider, you will find real estate agencies, law and financial firms, startups, IT companies, and various organizations from different industries. Citrix has rather loyal customers that appreciate this software and are eager to refer it to others. That’s why if you dive into the reviews of this vendor, they will be overwhelmingly positive. Sure, users face some small issues every now and then. But overall, the experience of customers show that this data room is rather high-quality.

About Citrix features

Citrix virtual data room is compatible with all operating systems, therefore it’s accessible from any device. This provider allows companies to create digital workspaces filled with necessary documents and tools, and deliver them to any required gadget. This makes the onboarding of new employees extremely simple. And thanks to this feature, companies can quickly provide potential and current partners with all the information they need. The content of such a workspace is unified and synchronized across all devices — this means that all users who have access to it will see the same information. Such an approach helps accelerate feedback and approvals thus making the deal more smooth and effortless for all parties.

In addition to that, Citrix offers two kinds of analytics — for security and performance to let businesses protect their data even better and use machine learning to improve processes in the VDR. The performance analytics allows admins to find performance issues and fix them for a better workflow. And the security analytics will show you the signs of suspicious behavior of invited users.

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