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Being one of the global leaders in the virtual data rooms industry collaborates with large companies all around the world.

In the spring of 2020, Merrill introduced the re-branding result – the DataSite product. DataSite is the same virtual data room as DataSite One. And it still helps you to complete complex transactions as before.

It is not a secret, that all VDR providers focus on the security a lot. Mindful of the importance of protection, DataSite (Merrill Corp) still makes data exchange very fast. You can set up your new project within a few minutes. All functions remain unchanged. You will need to do 3 clicks max to upload files via Drag and Drop, give access permissions to users and start working with your documents. The size or the complexity of the deal don’t matter at all. Every business will be able to implement this technology rapidly.

There is no need to download DataSite (Merrill data room), you can reach it using your browser. Within the VDR you will find a robust search that allows finding needed information really quickly. This provider knows the importance of the speed in business. That’s why DataSite focuses on making things faster a lot. You can’t let yourself to miss the deal just because you were putting your project live for too long.

merrill data room

New software also has an extremely simple interface that was created based on interviews with users. This approach allows to understand how to make a software more convenient for customers. So in this data room, you can use flexible publish and unpublish controls that allow you to review the data and stage documents before the deal.

Due diligence or any other process that has documents involved in it will be held quickly with the use of DataSite (Merrill) data rooms. Also, if you will have any troubles using the service, the support team is always available and easy to reach. Highly trained managers will help you out and guide you through the process so you can use your virtual data room more efficiently.

Studying detailed reports this provider offers its users you can get some useful insights and build plans for the future of your company. Statistics allow to see the whole picture and get a clear view of what’s going on with a business.

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Liberty H.

It’s a decent data room. I can’t say anything bad about it, but I also can’t say I’m going crazy about it. Merrill is okay. It offers the basic features, it’s secure, and the support team is easily accessible and friendly. It’s just a good data room without any unique aspects.

Jessie A.
Director Financial Planning

We’re using Merrill to exchange files with our clients. And as lawyers, we had to offer our customers the service they heard about. So that was the main reason why we have picked this provider. The data room is good. However, there is nothing special about it.

Zoya M.
Expense Analyst

Merrill is good for M&A - that’s my experience. This provider offers the tools one needs for such a deal, and the security features are helpful. It’s a bit pricey in my opinion, so I might choose another vendor for future deals.

Kristeen K.
Project Financial Analyst

I’m so underwhelmed with this data room. For the price, Merrill asks I was expecting a much more advanced service than I got. Sure, all the features this VDR has worked quite well, and I didn’t notice if something was off. But there are vendors who offer more a high-tech product with AI and other stuff that Merrill could provide considering the costs.

Rufus C.
Revenue Coordinator

We’re using Merrill as a firm that operates in life science, so we needed a highly secure solution. The data room is quite basic, but we don’t really need many features. I am satisfied with the protection the provider offers, and I especially like that I have full control over the activity of others

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