Month: April 2023

Conducting Commercial Due Diligence for M&A [Checklist]

commercia due diligence checklist

Successful merger and acquisition (M&A) deals involve meticulous research. However, not everyone is good at it. About 46% of M&A fail because of improper target identification, inaccurate valuations, and subpar commercial due diligence. How can you improve your chances of a successful investment? The solutions include a sound due diligence framework, an easy-to-follow checklist, and the right […]

UK’s M&A Market for 2023

There are a lot of virtual data room vendors, and each of them sets its own prices for the service. Sometimes, the pricing for two almost identical VDRs will differ greatly, and it’s quite hard to understand the reason for that. However, sticking to the cheapest solution is also not always a good decision since […]

The Future of Virtual Data Rooms

virtual data room market

Virtual data rooms have been a market tool unlike any other. Unfortunately, popular cloud storage services don’t offer the same kind of security as virtual data room providers, and traditional data rooms lack the efficiency a digital solution provides. That is why this industry is experiencing rapid growth.  So, what is the current state of […]