How to Use a Virtual Data Room for the IPO Preparation?

In the world of corporate finance, few events match the significance of an Initial Public Offering (IPO). It signifies a company's transition from private ownership to becoming...

April 2, 2024

Understanding of Customer Due Diligence and Its Impact on a Business Relationship

Did you know that Know Your Customer (KYC) and Customer Due Diligence (CDD) account for 40% of compliance spending? Poor...
March 15, 2024

Venture Capital Due Diligence Checklist

80% to 90% of venture-backed companies won't reach the initial public offering (IPO) stage. As a general rule, out of...
March 13, 2024

SaaS M&A insights and trends: 10 Key players + 10 notable deals of 2023

Deal activity in the technology industry has seen a surge in SaaS acquisitions (55% of all software deals in 2023)....
March 6, 2024

Maximizing Benefits of Using a Data Room for Investors

According to a survey by Harvard Business Review, each venture capital investment process evaluates an average of 101 opportunities, with...
data room structure
February 13, 2024

Data room index: How to structure a data room for your deals

The importance of proper document structure in everyday workflows and complex deals goes beyond mere convenience. It is the cornerstone...
post-merger integration
December 19, 2023

Post-merger integration checklist: What it is and how it can help you in your deal-making

You've closed the deal. After months of due diligence, followed by the thorny negotiation phase, you can finally announce your...
m&a strategies
December 19, 2023

M&A strategy: Types, pros & cons, case studies

According to McKinsey’s survey, executives anticipate new products and businesses to generate 30% of revenue by 2027. Most of the...
m&a financing
December 8, 2023

M&A financing – what are the most common ways?

Companies require capital to complete financial transactions and the method they choose to secure funds can influence their growth, financial...
setting up a data room
November 16, 2023

Setting up a virtual data room in 5 steps

Accenture’s research has found that 74% of CEOs consider technology a source of competitive advantage. Yet, a few companies integrate...