Month: May 2024

Virtual data room security for business transactions: The ultimate guide

Mergers and acquisitions have become the most appealing target to cybercriminals. Eighty-two percent of data breaches occur in the cloud, where M&A parties collaborate the most. As cybersecurity costs are estimated to reach $10.5 trillion by 2025, experts advise businesses to use more reliable collaboration tools, such as virtual data rooms (VDRs). VDRs help M&A […]

What are synergies in M&A? Types of synergies and examples

Only 24% of companies accomplish 80% of their synergies targets, according to Deloitte. This brings the importance of correct synergies identification and estimation for the overall deal success. In this article, we focus on the concept of M&A synergies, outline the main risks associated with synergies realization, and suggest the best practices for achieving synergies. […]