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Ethosdata is one of the most well-known providers in the virtual data room market. Its software is focused on merger and acquisition and due diligence, but customers use Ethosdata for other needs as well. The main focus of this vendor is to accelerate business processes while keeping the corporate data safe from leaks. The virtual data room supplies users with all the features they need and full control over sensitive files and activity of invited individuals.

Among the customers of Ethosdata, you will find a lot of popular brands. This provider caters to law firms, PE and VC, startups, investment banks, and companies from other industries. Clients choose this software for its simplicity and the round-the-clock support the provider offers.

What do you need to know about Ethosdata

This provider was created in 2007 and stands among relatively young vendors. Over these years, Ethosdata managed to win the competition and become better than its older rivals, which is a huge accomplishment. All this was made possible because the creators of this virtual data room are entrepreneurs themselves. They are experienced in mergers and acquisitions. Thus, they know which issues companies face when they go through this process. This experience made it quite simple for them to create a solution that could lift all the hassle and complications from mergers and acquisitions deals.

That’s why this provider became so popular — it simply solves the problems organizations have. And even though Ethosdata was primarily focused on mergers and acquisitions, its customers started using this virtual data room for IPOs, fundraisers, asset sales, and other document-heavy business processes. Thanks to the intuitive interface of this software and a full set of necessary features, a lot of firms around the globe find Ethosdata suitable for their requirements.

Are there any unusual functions in Ethosdata?

Usually, M&A-focused virtual data rooms offer only basic features. But it’s not exactly the case with Ethosdata. While it does provide the full set of necessary standard tools, it also has something extra to offer. For example, this data room has Intelligent Insights — a very useful feature for companies that go through mergers and acquisitions. It helps them to track the interest of bidders to improve the strategy and focus only on those who are worth time and effort.

Besides that, users have full control over the levels of access of invited parties and other tools one would expect a data room to have. The interface of this software is simple, but Ethosdata offers training sessions for those who need some help.

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