Ethosdata’s overview

EthosData’s virtual data room platform helps you manage M&A, due diligence, IPOs, and fundraising deals easier and faster. EthosData is a simple, secure, and quick data room service to simplify your transactions.

What features do you get when you sign up for EthosData? Do you get a free trial? What other important information should customers know? This article provides answers to these data room questions and more.

EthosData is a well-known virtual data room provider. The main focus of the software is to advance business processes while protecting the deal’s confidential information from data leaks. An EthosData data room gives you full control over data ensuring, so you can share documents securely and allows you to monitor all user activity. 

EthosData is best for investment banks, law firms, PE & VC companies, and SMEs. Multiple parties can use these virtual data rooms. Additionally, professionals with no experience, as well as data room specialists, find the EthosData data room easy to navigate.

Whether you’re a beginner or are more experienced working with data rooms, you will enjoy EthosData’s award-winning service.

Ethos Data key highlights

  • Plug-and-play software. EthosData software needs a minimal learning curve, ensuring a 15-minute average VDR launch time. All you need is a stable internet connection. No additional software installations or plug-ins are required.
  • Dedicated management team. EthosData’s customers can emphasize collaboration while the vendor handles administrative activities. EthosData’s team will prepare your content, invite users, set permissions, and generate activity reports on your behalf.
  • Deal advisory services. EthosData has a dedicated deal expert to provide clients with tailored advisory services. You will receive expert assistance in due diligence, negotiations, deal planning, and other activities across several industries.

Main features overview

The EthosData virtual data room software offers a wide range of features that collectively make it an excellent tool for managing complex transitions.

Group of featuresDescription
Access management featuresReporting and analytics. Admins can track all data room activity. This helps you ensure the workflow is streamlined and efficient.

Access control. One of the main features is security functionality, which administrators can use to revise document access and define authorization levels for access to specific files. 
Document management featuresSearch tool. This is a beneficial tool during complex transactions where you can find needed documents quickly.

The bulk upload and download. The drag-and-drop feature allows you to organize multiple files and folders quickly.

Supervised file management. The EthosData team does everything for you: uploads needed content, adds users, manages access to files, prepares various activity reports, and more.
Collaboration toolsQ&A section. EthosData keeps all of your communications in one place — securely and encrypted.

Customizable email alerts. You can keep all users updated with new information using email alerts.
Extra featuresCustomization features. Customize your data room by adding branding, logo, and color scheme for a small fee.

Accessibility on various devices and platforms. EthosData is accessible on mobile devices and desktops. The software is also available in 11 languages.

User-friendly interface. It’s easy to navigate the platform due to the streamlined infrastructure.

Deal consultations. EthosData offers a team of dedicated data room experts experienced across a range of transactions. They provide tips and insight into the nuances of various transactions and deals. 

Security features

EthosData offers secure data storage, top-notch digital privacy, and secure data certified to international standards, including ISO 27001, SSAE 16, and ISAE 3402 certifications. There is also a user permission system, which makes sure only authorized users can view, edit, print, or download documents. 

Another EthosData feature is the remote shredding system that allows the administrator to revoke a user’s access even after downloading. 


EthosData pricing is straightforward. They offer three pricing plans:

Basic plan

This plan requires a 6-month commitment and costs $199 per month. It includes:

  • 10 third-party users
  • 2 administrators
  • 500 MB of data
  • 10 business hours of support for admins and users

Professional plan

  • Contact a representative for a personalized quote. 
  • Unlimited number of third-party users
  • Unlimited number of administrators

Enterprise plan

This is a flat-fee priced plan. Contact a representative for a personalized quote.

  • Unlimited number of data room projects 
  • Unlimited number of third-party users
  • Unlimited number of administrators

You can take advantage of the EthosData 30-day free trial. Plus, you get access to short, 10-minute demo videos that explain how to best use many features. 

Deployment options

EthosData is a versatile platform that works with many devices and browsers. You have access to all your files and data from anywhere at any time of the day.

The cloud platform is compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems and all modern browsers.

Customer support info

EthosData has a highly-qualified support team available 24/7 via email, phone, or online chat. Additionally, all EthosData users get access to webinars, short tutorials, online live sessions, and in-person training.

The customer support team undergoes background checks and continuous training to stay updated. They follow strict SLA rules, which ensure that you will get a response to your question within 15 minutes.


Does Ethosdata have a free trial?

EthosData offers a 30-day free trial. You can experience VDR features and capabilities, sales communications, and technical customer support first-hand. EthosData also allows you to schedule a free demo to see VDR features and capabilities. You can also access admin-oriented and user-oriented video demonstrations.

What is Ethos Data pricing?

The Ethos Data data room prices start at $199 monthly and feature Basic, Professional, and Enterprise pricing plans. You will be charged based on the customized “pay as you go” rate within the Professional plan and a flat recurring fee within the Enterprise plan.

What is EthosData best for?

EthosData’s capabilities suit investment banks, venture capital firms, SMEs, and corporations. Based on EthosData’s case studies, its most frequent use cases are secure file sharing, investor communications, fundraising, and internal communications. EthosData’s capabilities also fit well into the M&A perspective due to strong security and collaboration features.

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