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Being one of the most popular providers iDeals data room offers a huge variety of useful features and a immaculate security keeping your information safe.

Going through the list of clients of this provider you will find some really big and famous brands. And once you try this service you will understand why those brands have trusted their sensitive information to the data room by iDeals. The main reason why is a powerful security system. This provider doesn’t only protect its servers from malicious actions. It goes an extra mile giving users an opportunity to protect their information even better. Here you will have a feature that allows you to put watermarks on your documents. Also, iDeals has a unique feature called “Fence View”. Using it you can put some kind of a fence overlay on your document to protect the data from theft via web camera. It also gives some extra security from those curious individuals who like to watch over people’s’ shoulders. Those who are not invited to the data room can’t enter it. With a 2-step verification system, users have to enter a code that is sent in an SMS while logging in.

ideals data room

But security is not the only reason why this provider did gain its popularity. To make this iDeals data room review full let’s take a look at other feature this service has. First of all, you’ll need only 15 minutes to set everything up. You can upload documents in a bulk using Drag and Drop feature. Also, there is no need to prepare files for the upload – iDeals data room supports 25+ formats. Once the documents are uploaded you can structure them and invite other team members to the online data room. The owner of the online repository can manage the access other users have. It gives the control of the actions of team members. Also, there is a report that shows every action user has performed. The technology is adapted for every platform and device. There is no need to install any additional plug-ins or other software. Users can also reach their data rooms using a browser.

And if any issues have occurred, users can reach the support team that is available 24/7 every day. Support managers can speak 12 languages and are always ready to guide you through the process and provide you with a training if you need one.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Where do I find Settings in the iDeals data room?

Go to the upper right corner in your data room window and find the wheel icon. Once you click on it, the drop-down menu will appear. Choose the type of settings you need. In General Settings you will find all the basic options such as automatic indexing and project management tools.

2.What are the system requirements of the iDeals data room?

For the iDeals data room to tun smoothly your processor should be 1GHz 32 or 64 bit, and you need to have at least 1GB of system memory. The service works best with the Internet speed of 512Kbit/s or better. iDeals data room supports Windows XP SP2 and all the newer versions, and macOS 10.8 and above. It’s recommended to use Google Chrome, but the provider also supports Microsoft Internet Explorer 11, Firefox, Safari, and Edge. To make sure that features work properly, please install Adobe Reader and FileOpen Plug-In. If you’re using the iDeals Windows desktop app, install NET Framework 3.5+.

3.How to upload files to the iDeals data room?

Simply drag all the documents to the data room window and choose the folder you want to put them into as the structure appears. Each file will have a bar that shows the uploading process. You can add more documents to the queue. Once all files are processed, the Upload button will become active – click it to finish uploading. You can use the desktop application as well to manage the files.

4.How secure is the iDeals data room?

You can trust this provider your sensitive corporate files as iDeals protects all the data with the military-grade encryption. In addition to that, this data room allows you to safeguard your files even better with such features as Secure Fence View, Remote Shred, Dynamic Watermarks, Secure Spreadsheet Viewer, and granular access permissions. Moreover, you can set up
Two-factor authentication to prevent unauthorized users from accessing your iDeals data room.

5.What languages can I choose for my iDeals data room?

iDeals VDR supports 12 languages. You can choose between English, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, Dutch, Italian, Polish, Chinese and Japanese.

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Yasin L.
Pricing Coordinator

I enjoy working with documents in the iDeals data room because it’s very straightforward. I don’t have to waste time explaining to my clients how to use it, and all processes are getting done quickly since no one struggles to understand the features. I especially like the reports that give me a bigger picture of what’s going on with files.

Dennis O.
Revenue Manager

We’re using iDeals for over a year to share files with our partners and to manage the documents internally. Everyone likes the software a lot because it’s simple and filled with useful features. No one needed any special training, and the onboarding for new members usually goes smoothly.

Yasin R.

My company has many partners overseas, and I need to share documents with them somehow. I stumbled upon iDeals a couple of months ago and decided to give it a try. It’s a lifesaver! It’s much more convenient than cloud file sharing platforms I was using, and it’s much safer.

Andrea M.
Financial Advisor

It’s challenging to keep the information safe but accessible in Biotech, especially when we deal with interns and invited parties. iDeals, however, made it much easier for us with granular access management. Also, it’s helpful to see the activity of users - helps us spot if someone abuses their rights.

Fergus O.
Real Estate Attorney

As a law firm, we need our clients to feel safe when they share their information with us. At first, iDeals became our choice because of the name that implies this data room is ideal. But as we began using it, we realized it really is perfect. All the tools we need are there, and the interface is very straightforward. Of course, the protection is impeccable, too.

Leroy W.
Chief Investment Officer

We were looking for a data room to hold M&A, and our partners advised iDeals to us. The deal was very easy to handle with this provider mostly thanks to the simple interface that everyone quickly figured how to use. We will stick to this data room in the future.