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Sterling data rooms provider offers everything a modern company needs keeping things simple and easy to use. Sterling has started its way as a financial printing company back in 1988 and has an extensive experience in the information security. It is one of the most popular virtual data room providers in uk. That’s why you can trust this provider your most sensitive data.

Excellent user cases

Knowing how important proofs are, Sterling data room tells about successful deals its clients have made. Doing so the provider has created an extensive portfolio of user cases in its blog. So everyone who thinks about adopting a Sterling data room can go through those stories and read about real customer experience. It helps to decide whether this solution fits their needs or not.

Sterling is a boutique service

What does it mean? It means that the company focuses not on the quantity, but on the quality of the service. Sterling offers its clients a flexible, high-quality and personal service. This virtual data room provider takes care of every one of its customers trying its best to be responsive to their needs. If you pick the Sterling virtual data room you will have an access to veterans of the industry, not to just junior employees.

Sterling data rooms provider

Advantages of boutique

Since Sterling prefers to step in every case, all products and services are perfectly tailored so they fit the current needs of the business. Such a case-by-case approach allows creating a unique and flawless solution for every deal and every client. For this provider, you never will be some kind of a minor customer.

Also, since the provider focuses on every client and every deal, the service is really fast. There is no frustrating bureaucracy you may experience using the services of large companies. Every request is accepted quickly with no delays. Every action is executed in no time and all solutions are delivered almost instantly.

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Isobella P.
student researcher

Sterling is the best company I have ever come across in the virtual data room business, after researcher many others Sterling came out top in every catagory!

Clayton W.
Financial Assistant

Sterling was my choice because it’s an old company, and I tend to trust those who have managed to survive for decades. I really don’t want my corporate files to vanish if something happens to the provider. With Sterling, I don’t have such a fear. Its data room is reliable and very easy to use.

Maryann C.
Revenue Manager

I like that Sterling gets very involved with each client. The provider helped us greatly with the onboarding, and if we get any new questions - support guys are always there to answer them. I enjoy feeling such care, especially considering that the service is not quite cheap.

Samantha S.
Financial Advisor

This is a nice and convenient data room I really like using every day. Sterling makes it easy for me to manage the documents, and my partners also have no issues with it. I especially like how the support team works - specialists always answer very quickly and offer real extended help. If I have any issues, they will always aid me.

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