Ansarada Data Room Overview

Companies, advisors, and governments use virtual data rooms for handling sensitive information, managing transactions, and streamlining business processes.

Many organizations choose Ansarada because they provide some of the best virtual data room services on the market. Keep reading to learn more about functionality, tools, pricing, security features, and customer support.

An Ansarada virtual data room provides software for secure data storage, sharing confidential documents, and effective collaboration.

Clients use the platform for: 

  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Due diligence
  • Deal preparation
  • Post deal integrations
  • Board management
  • Portfolio and asset management
  • Tenders 

Ansarada customers operate in a variety of industries, including:

  • Investment banking
  • Finance
  • Technology
  • Real estate
  • Healthcare
  • Energy
  • Private equity

Main features overview

The Ansarada virtual data room offers a variety of tools for easy and efficient dealmaking.

Group of featuresDescription
Document management featuresDrag-n-drop to quickly upload files and folders.

Bulk upload for transferring large volumes of data.

Bulk download to download multiple files at once. The chosen files can then be contained in one link and sent to a user who requests them.
Collaboration featuresDeal workflow to assign tasks, track key milestones, monitor team engagement, and manage key contacts.

Notifications to receive updates on uploaded documents, edits, new users, etc.

Q&A section to answer all questions in one place, avoid multiple conversation threads, and automatically assign the right team or expert to answer.
Reports Activity reports to track bidder activity including bulk downloads and document views.

Document reports to receive a complete audit trail for a particular document
Security reports to manage document access, applied watermarks, and security controls.
Ease of useSingle sign-on to use single login and password for all projects.

Mobile user interface to access the data room from a mobile device.

Intuitive design to start using the data room quickly and easily with no prior training for first-timers.

Security features

The high level of security Ansarada provides is one of the main reasons why businesses choose this vendor. 

Document security features 

Ansarada’s secure VDR offers a range of tools and features that protect documents and prevent data breaches. For example:

  • Customizable document watermarks detail when a user opens a document, including their IP address, email address, and date of document access.
  • View As allows admins to see a user’s version of the document or folder.
  • Temporary saving PDFs lets admins control whether people can save files.
  • Redaction blacks out certain parts of the document that contain confidential information.
  • Rest encryption provides data protection for stored data.

Access security features 

There are several security tools that protect the data room from unauthorized access.

  • Multi-factor authentication provides users with an additional level of security by requiring an email address, password, and scan of the QR code in one of the authenticator apps.
  • Deal room roles define what users can or can’t do in the data room. They give or restrict users’ ability to read, edit, print, or download certain documents. 

Terms of access define a set of security guidelines new users need to sign up for before they enter the data room.

Pricing options

The Ansarada data room offers its clients simple subscription pricing and flexible plans. The choice of tariff plan depends on how many users, how much storage, and what features a project requires.

3 months$399/month$883/month$1,223/month$1,669/month
6 months$299/month$779/month$1,079/month$1,499/month
12 months$240/month$624/month$864/month$1,200/month

There’s also a 4+GB option for projects that need unlimited data storage. The price for this tariff plan is tailored per project. Therefore, clients should contact the sales team for a customized quote. 

Furthermore, Ansarada provides potential customers with a free demo and a free trial. The vendor gives access to the full set of advanced features for 14 days.

Deployment options

The Ansarada VDR is fully web-based, and customers can start using the platform right away from any device.

However, there are a few browser and system requirements to follow for accessing the data room:

  1. Browsers. The latest versions of Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari.
  2. Adobe Reader. Adobe Acrobat Reader DC and Adobe Acrobat DC (Standard/Pro) to open secured PDF files.
  3. Microsoft Office for Windows. Windows 7 and above and Microsoft Office 2013 or later to open secured Microsoft Office documents.
  4. Microsoft Office for Mac. MacOS 10.10 or later and Microsoft Office 2016 or later to open secured Microsoft Office documents.
  5. Microsoft Office on mobile devices. Microsoft Office documents can only be viewed on Windows phones. iPhones, iPads, and Android devices don’t support Microsoft documents.

Customer support info

Ansarada’s customer support team offers:

  • 24/7/365. Customer support teams are located in Sydney, London, and Chicago, so a client can always reach a specialist.
  • Phone support. Customers can submit a form on the provider’s website or call a support specialist directly. There are no queues, and the call goes directly to a human.
  • Client service manager support. The majority of the tariff plans include a dedicated project manager ready to solve a client’s request.
  • Multilingual support. Ansarada’s support staff provides help in a number of languages. However, the primary support language is English.
  • Library of online help. The vendor provides users with hundreds of articles and videos that answer customers’ most common questions.

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As a Pharmaceuticals company, we have some quite precise needs. Ansarada created a tailored solution for us including all the functions we need while removing ones we are not going to use. Thus, we have a data room made for us. It works perfectly for our needs, and we enjoy it.


Deborah R.

Director of Finance
Total rating:


Total rating:


The platform is intuitive and easy to use. The majority of tools like reports, bulk uploads, and notifications are helpful and make the work easier. I also enjoyed the security features such as redaction and watermarks. However, there are several critical disadvantages. First, Ansarada doesn’t have a mobile app. Secondly, it would be much easier for me to reach the support team via chat, which they don’t offer either.


Mike T.

Total rating:


Total rating:


We needed a very basic data room for the upcoming M&A, and I liked that Ansarada offers different options. I chose the cheapest one simply because I didn’t need more functions. So I got a useful data room without overpaying for the features I won’t use anyway.


Eddie H.

Finance Manager
Total rating:


Total rating:


I really like the reports Ansarada’s AI brings me. They’re very detailed, and as I went through two deals now using this data room, I noticed that I get useful insights from these reports. I can see who is doing what and then create a sneaky strategy to close the deal successfully.


Paula M.

Investment Officer
Total rating:


Total rating:


Our partners were using Ansarada, and we decided to try it, too. It’s quite simple, although I didn’t really figure out the AI feature yet. So far, I enjoy this data room mostly because I am used to it as I was interacting with it working with my partner’s files.


Hamish R.

Revenue Manager
Total rating: