Datasite Virtual Data Room Overview

Being one of the global leaders in the virtual data room industry, Datasite collaborates with large companies worldwide. Merrill Corporation, Datasite was founded in 1999 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States. With quite a few rebrandings along the way (having changed from Merrill VDR to Datasite One), Datasite brings a table of an ever-expanding set of features to support business deals. 

In the spring of 2020, Merrill introduced yet another rebrand — DataSite. Although DataSite is the same virtual data room as DataSite One, it continues to help you sabhv21complete complex transactions.

With decades of experience and thousands of clients around the world, the Merrill Datasite platform has a solution for any situation. Mergers and acquisitions can get touchy, difficult, and risky. One wrong decision can lead to bankruptcy. Datasite offers expert guidance and insight designed to streamline M&A, restructuring, and IPO processes, including due diligence, post-merger integration, and various other financial transactions. 

Because Datasite is diverse, it can serve companies such as investment banking firms, real estate agencies, law firms, life sciences companies. Its captivating customer service is well known for its efficiency, which keeps impressing clients. 

Among the various features offered by Datasite is its Merrill virtual data room, Datasite Diligence. Here you can securely store and share sensitive data with parties involved to complete transactions.

The key features of the Datasite’s data room

As an all-around VDR solution, Datasite Diligence helps dealmakers achieve success. Whether it’s robust security, sophisticated analytics, advanced redaction tools, or efficient communication during transactions, the company has options and features to handle any situation. Among its advanced features, you’ll find:

Simple Search (OCR) 

When utilizing a secure VDR, you may or may not notice the many operations working to keep your data secure. However, this can make things more difficult when  trying to locate specific information. A feature that Merrill Datasite can gloat about is its built-in OCR (optical character recognition). As a result, you can search for information in 16 different languages — without having to go through pages and pages of text.


Visual, easy-to-understand dashboards provide user activity stats in the room and predict possible funding outcomes with generated reports. The reports contain information about downloaded, printed, or viewed documents. The reports detail data room users, user actions, permission, questions, buyer engagement, and other activities. 

Granular user permissions

As a Merrill data room administrator, you can allow access to particular uploaded documents, folders, or project levels. As an admin, you also regulate which users can download and print documents. When assigning permissions, you can do so in bulk, regardless of how many users or how much data you have. 

Al-based data redaction

As one of the few rooms that have built-in redaction, Datasite is the perfect choice for your due diligence documents. During deal preparation, redaction is a priceless tool. Image and text redacting integration streamlines work and saves time as an alternative to using third-party tools. 

For an even simpler process, you can specify words or terms to be redacted. After uploading and indexing files, you set out a term, and the platform will do the rest, carrying out changes among all files. 

Audit trail and reporting

The software analyzes company data and relevant merger and acquisition activity to generate reports with data, looks, and visual effects. In a Merrill Datasite virtual data room, expert analytics go as far as helping you understand and develop data and insights into potential deals.

By studying detailed reports, this provider offers its users useful insights and helps build plans for your company’s future. Statistics allow you to see the whole picture and get a clearer view of what’s going on with a business. 

Certification training 

Datasite doesn’t just provide a platform to work on, it also offers the chance to receive the tools and skills you will need. Its certification program enables you to join software training sessions to help overcome any issues or challenges you’ve had with the software. 

The VDR Certification Foundation starts by introducing the VDR and the benefits of VDRs for the industry. After completing a scenario using a VDR, you can analyze the technology and the available tools.

Integrated Q&A section 

A feature that imports questions from Excel is available with further assessments of categories and priorities. The Q&A team cooperates across files, tracks user interests, and detects the most common questions asked.

Smart tools

Datasite Diligence has experience with over three million files, so it knows how to efficiently help with folder suggestions, automatic indexing with placeholders for customization, document insights, and more. A drag-and-drop tool retains the structure and supports up to 50 GB of ZIP documents. 

Security features

Trust, privacy, compliance, and security are the leading motives at Datasite Merrill. The provider prioritizes customer security and invests in the best data protection mechanisms in the industry. For over 25 years, Datasite has been responsible for and trusted with the most sensitive information. 

Dealmakers trust Datasite because of the extra effort the platform puts into securing files. Embedded security is guaranteed at every level: platform, processes, and people. 

An industry-leading security culture

The security policies and procedures include:

  • Regular and mandatory training for all employees. The staff is kept abreast of security requirements and fully complies with them. Employees annually affirm Datasite’s Code of Conduct and Confidentiality Agreements. 
  • Annual testing of the security response. To reduce security breaches, Datasite regularly tests external and internal notifications, escalation procedures, and communication criteria. The program of white hat hackers informs of any vulnerability.  
  • Access management standard requires documented approval. In the occurrence of a role change or termination without approval, access is removed within 24 hours. 

Platform and application security

Every Datasite product is constructed around ironclad security. Carry out all deals from beginning to end without having to use other applications. Datasite key security features include the following:

  • Customizable watermarking. Every user has a custom watermark that identifies the documents they access. This will discourage sharing or copying sensitive information without authorization. 
  • World-level access control with automated redaction. With remote shredding, you can erase confidential information from documents. Specify what data needs to be erased, and the tools will automatically find where the information appears in the document, then delete it. 
  • User permissions. As an administrator, you can decide who can view, edit, download, or print documents from the virtual room, and decide on individual access levels for each user. 
  • Passwords. Admins can require periodic but mandatory password resets. You can also use a single sign-on. Also, all passwords and customer files are encrypted.

DataSite Pricing

Like many virtual data room providers, Merrill Datasite’s official website does not contain plan pricing information. However, a free trial is available, so you can experience the software firsthand. 

Contact a regional sales manager in North America, Latin America, Asia-Pacific, Europe, Middle East, or Africa for details regarding the pricing structure and VDR plans.

  • Datasite offers VDR hibernation for a reduced price.
  • There is a minimum project cost.
  • You can try out a general plan, allowing unlimited users, admins, and data rooms.
  • Datasite offers a handful of flexible offers, such as discounts and customized plans.

DataSite Deployment 

Merrill Corporation’s Datasite offers a cross-platform experience. The Datasite app is available for Windows and Mac operating systems and is compatible with Google Chrome, Mozilla, IE (11 and above), and Microsoft Edge. 

As a mobile version, the app is available on both the Android and iOS platforms. It can be downloaded directly from the Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store.

Customer support of DataSite

The customer support team at Datasite Merrill is there for you when you need them. The support system is solid and well-reviewed. Assistance is available 24/7 in 20 languages from over 150 in-house agents. 

You can access expert assistance over the phone, through the online portal, email, and live chat. In the comprehensive FAQ section, you can find answers to frequent questions from an active online community. 

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We’re using Merrill as a firm that operates in life science, so we needed a highly secure solution. The data room is quite basic, but we don’t really need many features. I am satisfied with the protection the provider offers, and I especially like that I have full control over the activity of others


Rufus C.

Revenue Coordinator
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Total rating:


It’s a decent data room. I can’t say anything bad about it, but I also can’t say I’m going crazy about it. Merrill is okay. It offers the basic features, it’s secure, and the support team is easily accessible and friendly. It’s just a good data room without any unique aspects.


Liberty H.

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Total rating:


We’re using Merrill to exchange files with our clients. And as lawyers, we had to offer our customers the service they heard about. So that was the main reason why we have picked this provider. The data room is good. However, there is nothing special about it.


Jessie A.

Director Financial Planning
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Total rating:


I’m so underwhelmed with this data room. For the price, Merrill asks I was expecting a much more advanced service than I got. Sure, all the features this VDR has worked quite well, and I didn’t notice if something was off. But there are vendors who offer more a high-tech product with AI and other stuff that Merrill could provide considering the costs.


Kristeen K.

Project Financial Analyst
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Total rating:


DataSite is good for M&A - that’s my experience. This provider offers the tools one needs for such a deal, and the security features are helpful. It’s a bit pricey in my opinion, so I might choose another vendor for future deals.


Zoya M.

Expense Analyst
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