Citrix ShareFile Overview

Citrix Sharefile is virtual data room software for secure data storage and sharing. With its robust security mechanisms and other beneficial workflow tools, teams can increase productivity and accept business challenges regardless of industry and company size.

This provider began its journey in 1989 aiming to simplify everyday processes for employees and improve document management. By doing so, Citrix hopes to help workers do their best and boost the efficiency of the company in general. Over 400,000 companies — and over a hundred million users — trust Citrix their corporate files and workflows. 

Among the clients of this provider, you will find real estate agencies, law and financial firms, startups, IT companies, and various organizations from different industries. Citrix has rather loyal customers that appreciate this software and are eager to refer it to others. That’s why if you dive into the reviews of this vendor, they will be overwhelmingly positive. Sure, users face some small issues every now and then. But overall, the experience of customers show that this data room is rather high-quality.

ShareFile features

Most users appreciate software intuitiveness and the ability to create time-saving workflows. Besides, clients can easily access storage, share data, and maximize content collaboration from any device.

  • Citrix files for Windows and Mac. You can transfer and update files right from the desktop to the data room.
  • Document check-in and check-out. It’s easy to check out a document and let others know you are working on it. After that, you can check the file back in as soon as the changes are saved.
  • Q&A. Real-time collaboration becomes easier with submitting public or private questions in a single protected space, which is safer and faster than email.
  • Full-text search. Regardless of the volume of data, the desired document is easy to find by keyword, title, or full text. Besides, you can narrow down the results by filtering who uploaded the file and when.
  • DVD backup. Each business customer may receive a copy of the data room contents on a hard disk or DVD for archiving.
  • Convenient data exchange. While email programs limit the amount of data sent, ShareFile allows exchanging large files of up to 100 GB in size.

Sharefile security options

Citrix’s top functions that make business processes faster and more secure are the following:

  • View-only access

Users with view-only permission cannot perform any other operations within the platform. Additionally, there’s an automatic watermarking that displays the email address of the person viewing the data. Also, view-only Word and PDF documents uploaded to your File Box(temporary personal storage), which cannot be rendered and viewed by recipients.

  • Click trails

The program delivers data about login sessions and the amount of time the user spent on a particular document. Also, the data room admin can track when and how the user navigated through the account.

  • Dynamic watermarking

Watermarks are a unique way to prevent the illegal distribution of sensitive files. The mechanism marks each file with user personal information that cannot be deleted.

  • Analytics and reporting

Citrix gives detailed information about the most active users, latest searches, most viewed files, and longest viewed files. The reporting section, in turn, registers audit logs, data transfer, access permissions, and messaging.

  • Granular user access

Data security settings are available at the level of groups, users, and folders. Therefore, admins can be sure that only relevant persons access certain content.

Sharefile benefits 

Overall, the software allows clients to securely access, share, and keep documents in a protected environment. This way, users can achieve better results by getting the following security benefits: 

Sensitive data protection

First, Citrix significantly reduces the chance of human error, eliminating the breach risks. Thus, the platform offers tools for access control and data sharing. For example, granular permissions, the view-only option, and watermarks let admins control each user action. 

Transaction acceleration

Such complex business transactions as M&A require advanced solutions to secure data and collaboration on any device and location. Thus, the Sharefile data room’s essential benefit is ensuring that your virtual documents are secure no matter what device you have at hand and where you are. 

Apart from getting robust protection, transaction participants can also automate tasks, collect electronic signatures, and support real-time collaboration with all parties. As a result, deal parties come to a successful transaction conclusion faster with no difficulty.

Complete visibility through monitoring

Tracking workflows and user actions play a critical role in the course of a business transaction. To provide the client with such opportunities, Citrix Sharefile offers Citrix Content Collaboration. These are audit logs containing information about each click colleagues and partners make. In addition to activity reports, you also receive email alerts on user account activity.

Sharefile pricing

Citrix flat-rate pricing starts at $338/month if billed annually and $375/month if billed monthly. The package includes five employee users, unlimited client users, mobile apps, two-step verification, dynamic watermarking, click trails, view only, and Outlook and Gmail plug-ins. 

E-signatures are available for an additional cost. And while other Citrix solutions include unlimited cloud storage, the virtual data room allows only 5GB per month.

Potential users who want to test these business solutions may sign in to the official website or contact the provider and request a 7-day free trial.

Citrix Sharefile deployment

The software is available as:

  • Cloud, SaaS, web-based
  • On-Premise – Windows
  • On-Premise – Linux
  • Desktop – Mac
  • Desktop – Windows
  • Mobile – iPad
  • Mobile – iPhone
  • Mobile – Android.

Citrix Sharefile customer support

Citrix experts provide customer support via email, chat, and phone. In addition, the official website has a Citrix support knowledge center with training materials, community forums, FAQs, technical help, guidelines, and a resource center.

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