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Dealroom is focused on mergers and acquisitions as this provider offers software that’s able to handle the whole lifecycle of this business process. So if you’re looking for a deal room that could help you improve the collaboration, build the right strategy, and reach the desired goal during your next M&A, this vendor might be a suitable option. In this review, we’re going to take a quick look at the features, advantages, and disadvantages of the Dealroom data room.

What’s the mission of Dealroom?

This quite young provider was born in 2012 in Chicago. Its creator was running an M&A practice helping businesses go through this process. And he knew all the challenges companies have to deal with during mergers and acquisitions. As most of those problems were related to the document exchange, the solution was rather obvious — a tool that could help parties simplify the way they share information. And that’s exactly what Dealroom does.

The mission of this provider is to supply companies with a secure environment that could improve teamwork thus creating more people-driven, innovative, and equitable deals. Dealroom reduces costs of the mergers and acquisitions and eliminates distractions to let parties focus on the process. This software allows businesses to track their progress and learn valuable insights that help them realize how to improve their strategies. As a result, the deal becomes simpler and faster.

Dealroom’s primary features

The simple and pleasant interface of this data room provides companies with all the tools they need for success. Dealroom allows users to send each other messages to improve the communication and protect conversation — chats are just as protected as the uploaded files. Also, it’s easy to create tasks and assign them to users in this data room to make sure the process doesn’t get stuck.

Dealroom keeps all the information about the deal on the surface as users can easily access notes, requests, and deal contracts. Additionally, users can set high priority for the most important items to accelerate processes.

Of course, just like any good data room, Dealroom provides customers with drag and drop upload, watermarks, granular permissions, full-text search, and impeccable protection. This vendor makes it easy for clients to hold several deals at once offering them an overview of all details and processes. Finally, users can easily access the contact information of participants as it’s stored in one place.

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