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This software with a sleek and beautiful interface can bring your business processes to a new level of quality. Using Box virtual data room you will be able to speed up deals and keep your information perfectly organized.

The management of the content, security, policies and other important things is completely centralized allowing to see the whole picture. Using this software you can not only store your documents and share them with employees, partners, investors and other third-parties but also govern your information and actions of other users. With this software virtual data rooms by Box help customers to place legal holds and apply security classifications. The technology allows managing every aspect of the deal.

Few Words about Security

Security is the main focus for this provider. First of all, the service is using several data centers. Each has a powerful protection that was validated by third-party independent experts. The areas where documents are stored are geographically diverse. Also, the information in your online data room is strongly encrypted. So there is no chance for malefactors to steal it. Talking about areas, you can choose where you want to store your documents. You can pick almost any location around the globe thanks to that Box has such giants as AWS, Google, Microsoft and IBM as partners. So the provider gets to leverage their data centers for the users of virtual data rooms.

box data room

Thus, this service is approved by European Data Protection Authorities and is certified under most of the European standards. Additionally, the provider helps its customers to meet privacy obligation that was released just recently. With Box data rooms you can store your sensitive information in the highly secure cloud. Even if your business meets any additional or specific regulations or standards, Box will help you out. And if you want to add some more safety to your documents, you can use a built-in feature that allows you to put watermarks on your files.

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Edwin C.
Financial consultant

I decided to give Box a try to manage corporate documents. No one in my team so far had any issues using the features, and we are using this data room for over a year already. I will start using it for other purposes too now, as I feel more confident with this software.

Eric G.

I was rather overwhelmed with Box, but I should say that my assistant picked out this provider. I’m not very good at tech, and all the features and opportunities the data room offers felt like too much to me. Although the support team responded quickly to my request and guided me through every single process, so now I like this data room.

Willie G.
Financial Analyst

We’re a tech startup, and we needed a data room for fundraising and IPO. Box was our choice because it’s kind of open-source. You can add your algorithms and create new features. Since we’re developers, we were quite eager to try altering the data room to customize it. So we’re very satisfied with Box.

Alan D.

I’m using Box for a couple of months, and I didn’t really get to use every feature yet. But for now, I quite enjoy the built-in AI that can label images and transform voice recordings into text. Overall, the interface is simple, and I think, my partners will also enjoy using this data room.

Troy B.

This provider feels quite like all those old-fashioned filesharing platforms from some years ago but more advanced. It’s easy to use, and the interface is not overwhelming. We could quickly understand how to use all the features and synchronize the other apps with Box.

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