Box data room overview

Box is a provider of cloud storage, virtual data room, and remote collaboration solutions. 

Founded in California in 2005, Box data room operates globally with a head office in San Francisco.Over these years Box has acquired 14 software companies, including app developers, integrated signing instruments, and data migration solutions. Its offices are located in the US, Canada, the UK, Germany, France, Sweden, Netherlands, Poland, Australia, and Japan. 

Box data room is a part of the Content Cloud software suite, offering a range of basic features to manage content and facilitate transactions. It fulfills demands of multiple parties and companies, including individual users, corporate transactions, small businesses, large projects, governments, and the public sector. Most of its clients are large organizations from finance and healthcare sectors. Active users base exceeds 8 million.

Box data room solutions

Box Content Cloud is a secure platform to manage the entire lifecycle of content, including generation, editing, sharing, structuring, and retention. It offers a variety of features and integrations, keeping virtual data room software secure and remote.

Box virtual data room is one of the Box software. Using it you can benefit from numerous products that the Box data room provider offers.

Security features and compliance certificates

The Box data room offers several solutions for security compliance. These are:

  • Box Shield, to prevent data breaches with security measures and intelligent threat detection
  • Box Governance, to manage document security and conduct defensible discovery
  • Box Zones, to comply with multi-regional data residency requirements
  • Box Keysafe, to control encryption keys
  • Data privacy, to protect sensitive data and comply with GDPR and CCPA
  • Industry compliance, to meet strict industry requirements established by FINRA, HIPAA, and GxP
  • IT and Admin Console, to observe user activity and control and revoke access, maintain security

Worth noting is that Box data room provides full compliance with ISO/IEC 27001, SOC 1, 2, and 3 certifications. Additionally, the data room features AES 256-bit encryption, detailed activity reports, two-factor authentication, role-based user permissions, customizable document watermarks, and data loss prevention.

Security features

The Box data room employs numerous features, certifications, and technologies to ensure data security. There are several security layers, including general protection, access restriction, and region-specific certificates:

  • General protection. There is a complex of highly secure solutions within the Box data room: Box Shield, Box Governance, Box Zones, Box Keysafe, Data privacy, and IT and Admin console. Advanced antivirus systems guard confidential information within virtual data rooms, to make sure that no malware or other threats can damage confidential files.
  • Access restriction. User level also has complex protection: permission based user roles, dynamic watermarking, print-screen button disabling, and others.
  • Region-specific certificates. The Box virtual data room provider fully complies with GDPR, HIPAA, FedRAMP, ITAR, and FINRA. On top of that, the Box company benefits with secure data centers across its major regions worldwide. 

According to reports, there have been no hacks, cases of data breach or data leaks in 2022. 

Taking into consideration all the listed virtual data room solutions, we can assume Box to be one of the best virtual data room providers for personal and business use. This virtual data room solution includes all the necessary features for safe data processing, sharing, and facilitating any deal stage.

Workflow and collaboration features

  • Collaboration on Box, a place for teams to work on content from any device and software
  • Box Canvas, an interactive visual collaboration and whiteboarding tool
  • Box Cloud, a centralized virtual data room space to access file storage from the desktop
  • Box Relay, an automated framework to streamline workflows on onboarding, contract review, and approval
  • Box Sign, a single sign-on tool for critical documents
  • Box Notes, a convenient app to co-edit documents, review, and collaborate in real time;
  • Box Platform, an easy-to-integrate API to connect content across different applications
  • Box Mobile, a must-have tool to access and share files on a mobile device

In addition to these, there is the Box Skills framework which applies AI technologies to improve the deal management process and add content value. Thanks to it, teams can benefit from image labeling, speech-to-text transcription, natural language understanding, etc.

Box file sharing is the basic feature of the data room, which hosts a safe space for easy document management and data exchange. These are broad format support, editing, detailed folder structuring, browser previews, and online collaboration in comments and notes.

User interface features of the data room include bulk uploads, drag-n-drop, files in document linking, and a Microsoft Office integration viewer.

Pricing options

The Box virtual data room offer two types of pricing plans, both available on a monthly or annual subscription basis:

  • for individuals or teams
  • business use plans

The annual subscription plan of the Box software is 25% cheaper than monthly. 

Most packages offer a 14-day free trial version. The free trial features all instruments and full capacity of the data room, but users can upgrade their package within 14 days if needed. 

The simplest plan is assumed for personal storage and sharing, and it’s completely free of charge. 

Individual package includes 10 GB of storage capacity, 250 MB file upload limit, and basic solutions like file version control, built-in integrations with Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace, secure file sharing, two-factor authentication, added security measures, anytime/anywhere access, mobile app collaboration, integrated desktop experience, shared folders and links, Box community access, online self-training, and note-taking and project management.

Individual Pro package includes Individual plan features with extra storage, more file types, and bigger upload size.

Business plans have five packages:

  • Business teams Starter package requires three to five users and includes basic features plus Up to 100 GB of storage, 2 GB file upload, 25 file versions, access to 25 versions of each file, unlimited infinite canvases, standard data room features, and technical support during local business hours.
  • A business plan offers team collaboration for any business. It includes organization-wide collaboration, up to 5GB multiple files upload, unlimited storage, unlimited users, technical support during local business hours, built-in integrations with Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, and Slack, access to 1 additional enterprise app integration, Box Sign, Box Relay for workflow automation, and data breach protection.
  • The business plus plan offers content management for the entire organization and includes business plan features plus unlimited external collaborators, up to 15GB files upload, unlimited users, access to 10 additional enterprise app integrations, advanced search filters, and custom metadata and metadata templates.
  • Enterprise plans offer advanced features for content management and data protection. They have bigger upload files (up to 50GB), access to 1,500+ other enterprise app integrations, HIPAA/FedRAMP compliance, document watermarking, 2FA for external users, and password policy enforcement.
  • Enterprise Plus is a new custom plan offering functions of the Content Cloud. In this plan, Box offers Enterprise plan benefits, 150Gb file upload, unlimited users, collaborators, integrations, and many features of the Box data room. These are Box Shield, Box Governance, Box Sign, Box Relay, Box Shuttle, Box Platform, Box Zones, Box GxP, and Enhanced Services like 24/7/365 support, and access to the Box consulting program.

Box virtual data rooms deployment options

Box data room is a cloud, SaaS platform that can be accessed via an internet browser on Windows and Mac OS. Box VDR also allows users to use iOS or Android mobile devices via mobile applications.

Box data room applies AI and ML to enhance automated processes. These technologies label images, transcribe speech to text, translate documents, and more. 

There also are over 1500 integrations with different services. You can empower your deal room workflow with any application: DocuSign, Office365, Adobe, Salesforce, Zoom, Google Workspace, and hundreds of others.

Customer support

Box virtual data room offer three levels of support to its customers:

  • Standard. Box support team delivers Standard support via web platform during local business hours. 
  • Premier. Premier support includes phone support during local business hours. 
  • Enhanced. Enhanced phone support is available 24/7 for Enterprise Plus clients.

There is an FAQ page that covers general information on usability and billing. Box data room users can help themselves by watching educational videos and reading articles, guides, and forums. 

A whole educational project Box University is there to cover setting up the data room, general usage, and various tips-n-tricks. 

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I decided to give Box a try to manage corporate documents. No one in my team so far had any issues using the features, and we are using this data room for over a year already. I will start using it for other purposes too now, as I feel more confident with this software.


Edwin C.

Financial consultant
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We’re a tech startup, and we needed a data room for fundraising and IPO. Box was our choice because it’s kind of open-source. You can add your algorithms and create new features. Since we’re developers, we were quite eager to try altering the data room to customize it. So we’re very satisfied with Box.


Willie G.

Financial Analyst
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Total rating:


This provider feels quite like all those old-fashioned filesharing platforms from some years ago but more advanced. It’s easy to use, and the interface is not overwhelming. We could quickly understand how to use all the features and synchronize the other apps with Box.


Troy B.

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Total rating:


I’m using Box for a couple of months, and I didn’t really get to use every feature yet. But for now, I quite enjoy the built-in AI that can label images and transform voice recordings into text. Overall, the interface is simple, and I think, my partners will also enjoy using this data room.


Alan D.

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Total rating:


I was rather overwhelmed with Box, but I should say that my assistant picked out this provider. I’m not very good at tech, and all the features and opportunities the data room offers felt like too much to me. Although the support team responded quickly to my request and guided me through every single process, so now I like this data room.


Eric G.

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