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Unlike other virtual data rooms, Datasend allows users to both just share files and use this service as a VDR. With this approach, the provider allows businesses to reduce expenses for such software. It can become a lightweight and simple replacement for a traditional virtual data room. Let’s take a closer look at Datasend.

What’s the main purpose of Datasend?

The main goal of this provider is to allow companies to exchange files safely. Using Business Plus and Business Branded options, organizations can send documents to anyone with an email address. The files get protected with 256bit SSL encryption and are sent without any speed restrictions from Datasend. These two services are perfect for companies that keep documents on their corporate computers and just need to share a couple of files with partners or other third-parties. For businesses that have bigger needs, Datasend offers virtual data rooms.

Datasend is a GDPR compliant and ISO27001 certified provider which makes it perfect for companies from the United Kingdom. It doesn’t keep files on its servers for longer than seven days for better security. Therefore, with Business options, it’s a good alternative to sending files through emails since it protects documents better and allows sending large files.

Another benefit of Datasend is that it takes care of spammers. If this provider receives a report that some user keeps sending spam to others, Datasend will look into this situation and cut access to the system for this user. Additionally, this vendor automatically scans all files for viruses to be sure users don’t get infected.

Features of Datasend’s virtual data room

As we’ve mentioned, this provider also offers standard data rooms for those who need such a service. This option provides users with a storage and lots of useful features. With Datasend, a company can control group permission, apply watermarks, track the activity of invited parties, get insights from reports on viewed files, and use a Q&A section to create a database for a deal.

Datasend is suitable for healthcare, biotech, and life science companies because it has the required certificates. But also, this provider offers a much-needed for such organizations medical image viewer. This feature significantly simplifies the work with specific files for these industries.

This virtual data room is easy to use, but it doesn’t have a mobile app for Android-based devices — only for iPhones and iPads. So if you’re looking for an affordable solution, and you don’t need an Android app, Datasend might be suitable for you.

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