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Unlike other virtual data services, Datasend allows its users to share files and use the service as a VDR. Businesses appreciate this type of approach very much because they can reduce expenses by using two-in-one software. 

Datasend is a great lightweight and simple replacement for traditional virtual data rooms. Let’s take a closer look at this file-sharing service. 

Datasend is a virtual data room — a type of online document storage house — it’s one of the best ways to share confidential information safely. Virtual data room services are used for many big and small projects requiring high levels of security, project collaboration, or when multiple persons need access to the same information. 

Main features overview

Datasend offers a standard data room for those in need of their services. They provide users with storage and many useful features. Here are some of Datasend’s features:

Group of featuresDescription
Access management featuresReporting and analytics. You can monitor all activity within the data room and use reports to see the activity on certain documents.

Easy backup and archive processes. Don’t worry about losing files while working, as Datasend offers quick and easy file backup.
File management featuresBulk upload and download. The drag-and-drop feature allows you to upload entire folders in one go.

High-resolution previews. Datasend offers a very useful image viewer. This feature significantly helps companies requiring high-resolution videos or images.

Ability to share large files. With Datasend, you can send large files like hi-res images, audio, or video by email.
Collaboration toolsQ&A section. Datasend offers a Q&A section, where you can create a database for a deal.

Email alerts. All recipients receive an email notification that you’ve shared a file with them.
Security featuresVirus protection. Datasend automatically scans all files for viruses which protects users from getting viruses from sharing or downloading unknown files.

Permissions. A company admin controls group permissions, can track all user activity, and receives reports on viewed files.

Watermarking. All your shared files can be watermarked to protect them from illegal distribution.

Security features 

Datasend appears to be very secure, as it’s GDPR compliant and takes security measures very seriously. Their private and dedicated servers are located in state-of-the-art data centers in the UK and Europe. These facilities are purpose-built with extensive physical and environmental security measures.

Files are transferred over a secure SSL/TLS 1.2 encrypted connection and stored in an encrypted format. The only way to download them is through your private link. For extra protection, you can set an additional password for the download link.


Since Datasend is such a versatile service, it’s difficult to find another company that will best fit your interests and business needs. However, they don’t offer a free version. Also, the company relies on word of mouth to promote its services as they pride themselves on providing a more exclusive service. Datasend offers six different plans. 

Business Plus

This business plan is a single-user account, for users who need to send data securely or send large data files to anyone with a valid email address. Business Plus costs £84.00 a year — after the discount for paying annually. 

Business Branded Delivery 

This option comes with two dedicated portals and three company user accounts. This plan allows you to brand your file transfer page or inside confirmation emails with your company logo/header. An annual plan costs £246; additional users cost £6.72 per month.

Secure Data Room: Starter, 1, 2, or 3 

There are four plans for storage and collaboration, which differ by the number of users and storage capacity. Prices vary on specific features and options but start at £65 monthly for the starter pack, £115 monthly for room 1, £195 monthly for room 2, and £299 monthly for room 3. 

Additionally, Datasend offers free trials for file delivery and the data room. Customers need to fill out a short form on the website. Datasend offers a 14-day free trial  that includes 5GB of storage capacity. 


While Datasend is available on Windows and Mac operating systems and is compatible with all modern browsers. There is also a mobile app available for iOS and Android that provides users seamless and secure access to data room files. Administrators control user permissions and decide who has access to what information. 

Here are some of the app functions:

  • Download and upload files
  • Create zip archives of multiple files or folders
  • View and print documents
  • Preview audio and video files
  • Fetch downloaded files from a mobile device to your computer

Customer support info

If you need help with your data room or any other Datasend services, there’s an inquiry form to contact a team member on their website. A company representative will respond as soon as possible. Users can contact the provider’s support team via email or phone. 

Datasend support specialists are available for secure data room users between 9 am and 5 pm, Monday to Friday, in all regions. For inquiries outside of normal business hours, there’s an emergency email support team available 24/7. 

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I have used the Data Room service provided by Data Send UK on more than one occasion and it has been very successful. The web application is very user friendly and they do have mobile apps for both IOS and Android devices.


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