DocumentVault Data Room Overview

Document Vault is a well-known product among virtual data room users and one of the UK’s most popular virtual data rooms.  
Learn what Document Vault has to offer and for what price by reading the review below.

Document Vault is a secure data room provider that supplies its customers with an online repository where they can store and share documents safely.

The company was founded in 2006 and is headquartered in London, England, United Kingdom. 

Document Vault uses the latest technologies to store, protect, and encrypt personal documents and corporate confidential information of all file types.

Document Vault’s data rooms are most popular with the following industries: 

  • Legal services
  • Oil and gas
  • Governmental
  • Real estate
  • Corporate information systems
  • Renewable energy
  • Finance

Document Vault’s core clients are law firms specializing in mergers and acquisitions. However, this virtual data room provider supports clients in many other market sectors, including investment brokers, insurance agencies, and real estate firms.

Document Vault perfectly fits the needs of small-, mid-, and large-sized companies but is not a good option for freelancers. 

Main features overview

Many users note that Document Vault offers a basic yet effective set of features. So, let’s take a look at the main ones:

  • Drag-n-drop and bulk upload. You can easily upload large volumes of data to the Document Vault data room with a single click.
  • Customization options. Users that choose Business Pro or Enterprise subscription plans can add their company’s branded look to the virtual data room by adding their logo and customizing background colors.  
  • Dynamic document index. This feature allows you to automatically and logically structure documents.
  • Email notifications. The data room’s administrator gets email notifications whenever someone views, prints, or downloads certain documents.
  • Information Request Center. This is basically an online chat where users can communicate with each other without the need to discuss sensitive issues via email. This is especially helpful during such highly confidential processes as due diligence.
  • Advanced search. Find any document or section of a document by searching keywords or phrases.
  • Audit trail. It allows admins to see who viewed or downloaded your document and when.

Security features

The Document Vault platform is well-known for its security. Below are the company’s main features and measures to ensure the high-end security of clients’ data.

  • Watermarking. Every document you upload to a data room is watermarked, which prevents it from being downloaded or printed.
  • Preventing screenshots, printing, and downloading. Document Vault makes sure no one can print, download, or even take a screenshot of your confidential documents.
  • Remote shred. You can remotely destroy specific files in a virtual data room to secure them from unauthorized views. 
  • IP address restrictions. You can forbid access to your virtual data room from certain IP addresses and, thus, make sure no third parties get access to your sensitive data.
  • Two-factor authentication. Document Vault can enable users who verify their identity every time they try to access your VDR.
  • Permission-based controls. You can control access to every document or folder by setting up user permissions so only authorised users can view your files.
  • SSL encryption. 256-bit encryption during transfer and at rest protects all data inside the Document Vault VDR.
  • UK-based data centers. All Document Vault’s data centers are located in the UK, and the provider guarantees 99.9% of their uptime.

Furthermore, Document Vault is also ISO 27001 and 9001 certified, which speaks about the vendor’s liability when managing and storing clients’ information.

Pricing options

Document Vault offers a subscription-based pricing model. There are four pricing plans provided: SME, Business, Business PRO, and Enterprise. Each plan can be billed monthly, quarterly, biannually, or annually. Unfortunately, the vendor doesn’t state pricing details on the website, so you need to contact the sales team for a customized price.


  • Up to 5 users1 GB data storage


  • Up to 10 users5 GB data storage
  • Up to 30 users10 GB data storage


  • Unlimited users25 GB data storage

Deployment options

Document Vault is a cloud-based SaaS software product. It’s accessible from any browser and doesn’t require any extra software installations. It operates on major operating systems, with macOS and Windows included.

However, there’s no mobile application available.

Customer support info

If you experience issues with Document Vault, you can contact the support team via a toll-free phone number or email. Customer support is available 24/7.

Additionally, regardless of your subscription, you’ll get a dedicated account manager ready to guide you through any stage of software usage. 

DocumentVault managed services

DocumentVault provides the following services on the customers’ behalf:

  • Data room setup. DocumentVault’s team uploads documents (provided by FTP or USB drive), configures permission settings and email alerts, and adds users to the data room.
  • Managed service. DocumentVault ensures security compliance, invites users, and offers continuous management support within and beyond business hours. The team also closes the data room on the customer’s behalf once the deal gets finalized.
  • Document scanning. DocumentVault scans documents as searchable PDFs, preparing them for VDR upload. Customers can pick several options, including full-color, monochrome, single and double-sided.
  • VDR consultancy. DocumentVault’s support team ensures 24/7 assistance upon customer’s request. It helps customers clarify VDR usage specifics, such as indexing, user management, permissions, etc.


How much does DocumentVault cost?

Document Vault charges a recurring subscription fee within four pricing plans:

  • SME: 5 users + 1GB data storage.
  • Business: 10 users + 5GB data storage.
  • Business Pro: 30 users + 10GB data storage.
  • Enterprise: Unlimited users +25-50GB storage.

What is DocumentVault best for?

DocumentVault VDR is the best for legal and financial industries. It offers capabilities well-suited for sell-side mergers and acquisitions, including sell-side due diligence, bidder communications, and deal pipeline management. As for deal sizes, DocumentVault’s pricing structures equally cater to small, mid-sized, and large M&A teams.

What are DocumentVault benefits?

DocumentVault offers dedicated management services, simplifying VDR setup and user onboarding. The company can prepare VDR materials for upload, configure security settings and file permissions, and invite VDR users on the client’s behalf.

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