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by Thomson Reuters

HighQ is a virtual data room which tries its best to follow issues modern businesses face. It will not only solve the everyday problems of the company but also will be easy to use. Especially, for those who are not that tech-savvy.

Focusing on what matters

Unlike most providers, HighQ  data room prefers to focus on polishing basic yet most important features like flawless security, the simplicity of the software and its ability to be accessible from any device and at any moment. Sure, it is not as fun as an artificial intelligence or other extra features. But it is something that matters the most when it comes to the data management. The straightforward approach of HighQ solutions has made this provider one of the most popular in the United Kingdom.

Do you want your data to be safe?

Then you should think about adopting HighQ virtual data rooms. This provider has set the security as a top priority and hired an extensive team of professionals in the field of data protection. That’s why this VDR has strongly encrypted servers and other ways of keeping sensitive information safe – like two-factor authentication and watermarks.

HighQ data room

Seamless integration

The biggest dream of an employee that uses numerous tools while working is to integrate them with each other. It is so convenient to keep all applications synchronized. With HighQ data room you will be able to integrate most of your programs with your online storage. Therefore, you can create a convenient platform for the streamlined workflow of your team.

Using several devices for work?

Today it is really hard to get away with just one working gadget. We want to have an opportunity to work from anywhere at any moment. With virtual data rooms, it is possible. HighQ has created a software that is compatible with all possible devices and platforms, So you can access your documents instantly. And with an adaptive design, it will be simple to use this VDR on any screen.

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Sienna C.
Financial Manger

This affordable data room is decent, but it lacks some features, I feel. We were using it for almost a year, and now we’re switching to iDeals. I can’t say that HighQ is bad - we like it. But we kind of grew out of it. I would highly recommend this provider to new small companies.

Kye A.

HighQ is rather basic, and I didn’t spot anything unusual about it. It’s just a good data room with a standard set of features and a simple interface. It’s also quite affordable, and it was the main reason why we choose this vendor. As a startup, we can’t really spend much on a data room so far.

Pearl D.
Equity Director

I really like that I could integrate HighQ with all the other tools my team is using. Thus, we’ve created a seamless workspace that’s convenient to use. Since we got this data room, I can tell we became more productive because everyone has quick access to all the required documents. Therefore, we don’t get stuck anymore, and our processes are accelerated greatly.

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