Imprima data room overview

An Imprima virtual data room is an all-in-one due diligence technology provider. It offers a virtual data room and a unique AI-powered platform. 

The Imprima virtual data room is widely recognized as a deal transaction platform for sensitive documents for multiple parties in the field of mergers and acquisitions, real estate transactions, raising capital, and IPOs.

The Imprima virtual data room was founded in 2001 in London to simplify and secure M&A, IPO, and real estate deals. In 2014, OTM Investments purchased the company and launched AI research and software. Over the course of 2019 and 2020, Imprima worked on new tools and introduced them to the market; these were Smart Review and Smart Index. 

Nowadays, Imprima aims for new solutions for due diligence, but it still offers and develops its AI tools.

Headquartered in London, the company operates worldwide and has offices in 10 countries. Besides its head office in London, the Imprima virtual data room hosts offices in Frankfurt, Paris, Amsterdam, New York, Sydney, Brussels, Milan, Stockholm, and Moscow. Imprima solutions cover various transactions for diverse clients from small businesses to mid-sized and large enterprises.

Imprima’s main solutions include AI due diligence and virtual data rooms.

AI due diligence

AI due diligence is a highly secure solution to automate and improve the entire process of large-scale and complicated online document workflow. It offers the following features:

  • Smart summaries: Automatic summaries of legal and corporate documents in a structured Word/Excel format, language agnostic, driven by AI and machine learning.
  • Smart review: Identification of specific contracts and documents, operates a powerful AI semantic search, requiring no additional setup.
  • Smart index: A tool allowing admins to assign document categories automatically and structure data rooms, saving clients up to 90% of time spent on manual analysis.
  • Smart redaction and smart compliance: Automatic redaction of sensitive data in any language, in compliance with data protection laws (incl. GDPR).
  • Smart translation: Instant translation of multiple documents at the same time.
  • SmartKADASTER: Easy extraction of land registry data to an Excel format.

Imprima virtual data rooms 

An Imprima VDR is a highly secure solution for M&A, IPO, raising capital, and various other deals. The features included with Imprima virtual data rooms provide better efficiency, flawless transactions process, higher deal value, and keeping top security standards.

  • AI virtual data room index. It categorizes documents and structures the data room. It is quite easy to use, as it learns from manual actions quickly, saves time, and brings more accurate results.
  • Smart redaction. It redacts sensitive documents, including personally identifiable information, in many languages. It is time and cost-saving compliant with GDPR and internal privacy policies.
  • Q&A. This feature ensures efficient communication between VDR users. Using this solution assumes asking and answering questions in bulk in Excel. Using visual reports allows managers to track questions and answers so that teams solve problematic issues efficiently and accelerate closings.
  • Integration. This feature allows for dealing with multiple software systems. Imprima virtual data rooms provide an API to sync with your system automatically.
  • White-labeling. This option allows for customizing Imprima VDR’s interface for a brand’s look and feel. 

This virtual data room technology includes automatic content indexing, desktop synchronization, automatic document version control, optical character recognition, and a mobile application interface. Users can easily use it without any plug-ins or Java competency. 

Imprima virtual data rooms security features

Security is a core value for an Imprima virtual data room. All the processes, confidential documents, virtual vaults, transactions, employees, platform, and data centers are accredited by highly secure ISO 27001:2013. This is the latest and the most comprehensive in-depth security certification for providers of virtual data rooms.

Imprima is also compliant with GDPR. Its data servers are based in the EU. This is why Imprima virtual data rooms provide ultra-secure information sharing in full compliance with GDPR.

Some other Imprima virtual data room security features include smart redaction, granular management permissions, data security, Single Sign-On (SSO) security, two-factor authentication, and digital watermarking.

Pricing options

Imprima virtual data room pricing is reasonably expensive, but it provides valuable software for various deals, multiple parties, and mission-critical documents.

  • The Introductory Package starts at €250 per month. It includes a single VDR, an unlimited number of users allowed, self-service, and 500MB of available storage capacity. Features include bulk download, 24/7 support, real-time reporting, dynamic watermarking, drag-n-drop uploads, complete audit trails, ISO/ IEC 27001:2013 accreditation, GDPR compliance, and European location for physical data centers.
  • Enterprise Package includes all Introductory Package benefits plus multiple VDRs, an unlimited number of users, unlimited storage capacity, and dedicated project managers. Additionally, there is full product training, a free VDR prep phase, full-admin control, and free AI tools included.

Payments can be made monthly, annually, or per transaction.

There is no free trial, but the company does offer a demo for one project. It allows adding up to 10 users, with full access to dedicated legal-tech support, automated contract review, automated contract summaries, AI-powered VDR indexing, automated PII redaction, instant transition to a live VDR, and 24/7 customer service.

Imprima virtual data room deployment options

Imprima platform is compatible with multiple devices and can be accessed from web browsers, desktops (Windows OS, Mac OS), and mobile devices, including iOS and Android.

There are no plug-ins or downloads required, which makes access incredibly quick and easy.

Customer support info

Imprima team offers an always-on-call technical support team of top-quality assistants. Having offices in 10 countries, Imprima virtual data rooms support experts who speak multiple languages. The customer support team and quick data room service are easily reachable via phone, email, or live support.

Imprima also provides data room preparation through online webinars and instructional videos.

Clients report award-winning service, excellent support, and a quick response rate.

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