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AI-powered Imprima

When teams have a lot at stake in a deal, they use online tools to automate and speed up certain processes. Unfortunately, not all solutions meet expectations, and some are even difficult to operate.

Luckily, that’s not the case for the Imprima data room. Instead, this solution has a user-friendly interface with AI at its core. Besides, it offers efficiency-driven features that make all processes smoother — and more secure.

What features does Imprima provide?

The following characteristics attract those who require technological support for M&A, IPO, raising capital, etc.

Intuitive interface 

These days, a user-friendly interface is not an option but a necessity — and Imprima does its best to offer it with a suite of features below:

  • automatic content indexing 
  • desktop synchronization
  • automatic document version control
  • optical character recognition
  • mobile application interface

Additionally, Imprima does not require any plugins or knowledge of Java to enjoy it to the fullest.

Artificial intelligence

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are the key distinguishing features of the Imprima data room. Though they may be slightly undervalued by potential users, these features significantly boost performance. In particular, they help solve repetitive tasks, make virtual workspaces more structured, and relieve users of manual analysis.

Here’s what Imprima’s unique algorithms do:

  • Smart review. This technology saves time spent on manually reviewing contracts by providing a near-instant review of red flags and clauses in all documents. Best of all, this feature does not require any technical setup — it works “right out of the box”.
  • AI-powered indexing. As soon as files appear in the Imprima data room, auto-indexing technology assigns categories. That is to make working with large data streams easier. In this way, the user immediately sees sections like “Financial Reports” or “Contracts” without assigning labels individually. The AI engine takes just a few seconds to process several hundred gigabytes of information and saves up to 90% of the time normally needed to complete this task.
  • Smart summary. This feature allows extracting key information from any type of document into well-structured Excel or Word files. Best of all, it is language-agnostic and works for all types of files.

Advanced Q&A

The module works to improve team performance by maintaining communication and giving valuable insights. 

  • Participants ask questions or answer in bulk using Excel. This method saves the user time by eliminating the need to raise each point individually.
  • With visual reports, managers keep track of questions and answers. The reports are usually a source of information about pain points so that teams can deal with them quickly.

What are the best uses for an Imprima data room?

Before listing a few major use cases, here is the client testimonial from Pioneer Investments:

“Imprima VDR helped us manage a complex yet effective international bid process that involved more than 120,000 documents and over 400 people.”

Speaking of the most common use cases, Imprima customers most often report the following:

  • M&A. Imprima UK is a secure and comfortable platform for data exchange during the transaction. Moreover, admins can create groups of users and control data access.
  • Real estate. Imprima facilitates real estate transactions by storing all data in a structured way. Plus, AI-assisted indexing keeps teams ready for due diligence.
  • Raising capital. Imprima, with its innovative Q&A tool, enables companies to maintain high-quality communication with investors by providing them with updated information.

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