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ShareVault Data Room Overview Sharevault is a leading American virtual data room provider that helps companies manage sensitive data securely. Founded in 2003 as Pandesa Corporation and rebranded in 2010 as Sharevault, this company provides a virtual data room solution to over 100,000 businesses in 48 countries. What is a Sharevault data room, how much […]

Citrix ShareFile

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Citrix ShareFile Overview Citrix Sharefile is virtual data room software for secure data storage and sharing. With its robust security mechanisms and other beneficial workflow tools, teams can increase productivity and accept business challenges regardless of industry and company size. This provider began its journey in 1989 aiming to simplify everyday processes for employees and […]


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Drooms data room overview Drooms GmbH is an industry-leading virtual data room solution founded in 2001 and headquartered in Frankfurt. The platform is in high demand in Europe and worldwide across various industries. It offers reliable features for data access control and asset lifecycle management.  This virtual data room is a good choice for such […]


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Imprima data room overview An Imprima virtual data room is an all-in-one due diligence technology provider. It offers a virtual data room and a unique AI-powered platform.  The Imprima virtual data room is widely recognized as a deal transaction platform for sensitive documents for multiple parties in the field of mergers and acquisitions, real estate […]


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Box data room overview Box is a provider of cloud storage, virtual data room, and remote collaboration solutions.  Founded in California in 2005, Box data room operates globally with a head office in San Francisco.Over these years Box has acquired 14 software companies, including app developers, integrated signing instruments, and data migration solutions. Its offices are located […]


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Datasite Virtual Data Room Overview Being one of the global leaders in the virtual data room industry, Datasite collaborates with large companies worldwide. Merrill Corporation, Datasite was founded in 1999 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States. With quite a few rebrandings along the way (having changed from Merrill VDR to Datasite One), Datasite brings a table […]


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Intralinks Virtual Data Room Overview Intralinks is a cloud-based virtual data room (VDR) software that provides secure document storing and sharing services for global banking and dealmaking.  Intralinks’s mission is to facilitate financial transactions, improve business processes, and ensure high-end security for all confidential documents shared via an online data room. Below are a few […]

iDeals virtual data room


iDeals virtual data room overview iDeals virtual data room provider offers highly advanced yet user-friendly solutions for anything from everyday collaboration to complex deal processing in banking, legal, life sciences, and other sectors. iDeals virtual data room secures key company data, helps monitor user engagement via graphic reports, and supports all sorts of projects with […]